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KJV Bible Now: Audio+Verse

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KJV Bible study tool, Holy Bible for daily verse and pray. Offline audio books.

About this app

👑KJV Bible Now provides an offline Bible(King James Bible study tool that allows you to delve into the Bible, read daily verses, listen to daily audios, play Bible quiz games, devotional plan and prayerfully support your daily Bible reading and prayer with a completely free Bible app.

🎁Customize your Bible with focused, private notes. Access everything online, or download to read offline. Our app is a fast, lightweight, offline Bible for your daily study. To customize your Bible software experience, it allows you to quickly locate Bible verses with a simple click and create your own Bible verse highlights, notes.More access to the Bible Answers feature makes you a knowledgeable Bible scholar.

Devotion provides you with daily Bible verses and keeps you company throughout the day!

👏Daily Bible Verse with notification
Keep in touch with God by reading the daily scriptures

🎵Audio Bible
Listen to the bible and free your hands

📖Bible Quiz&Bible Crossword
Better access to Bible quizzes, making you a knowledgeable Bible scholar
Embark on a wondrous quest of wit with the easy-to-unpack Bible Crossword, the fun never ends!
Immersing you deeper into the world of the Bible, refreshing your Bible Knowledge through easy games.

🔥Bible Story Videos&Biblical Dialogue
Fascinating Bible stories tell you the story of Jesus, and the dialogue game allows you to experience the real mental journey of the characters in the Bible

✒️Bookmark Holy Bible scriptures
Catch up where you left off with a simple bookmark

Take as many notes as you can from the Bible. Take notes in church and attach the same to multiple verses for future reference. We are students of the word so lets spread God's word in Jesus.

Mark favorite verses with all sorts of colors that gives it more meaning.

🌞Quick Search
You can quickly search for chapters or terms using our fast and efficient search system.

🐑🐑Your Exclusive Devotional Plan
We provide users with a variety of themed practice plans to help users practice the truths in the Bible in their daily lives

🌲Daily Bible Verse Card Sharing
Share your favorite scriptures and landscape pictures with your friends, family or social media to find more like-minded people


▪ Carefully selected Bible verses are offered in daily prayer.
▪ You can search for any scripture you want to find.
▪ Create your own Bible verse notes.
▪ Keep a prayer journal.
▪ We help you live a faithful life every day through quiet time.
▪ Offline Bibles: Read and study Bible verse WITHOUT internet access.
▪ Quickly locate verse.
▪ Highlight verses you like for future Bible study.
▪ Note your inspirations.
▪ Night mode: change to night mode when you read the Bible at night.
▪ Bible quiz feature to make you a knowledgeable Bible scholar.
▪ Audio Bible, hands free.
▪ All of the above features are provided free of charge.
▪ Share KJV Bible verses with your friends anytime;
▪ Relaxing and enjoyable Bible crossword

Bible devotion to make your day great!

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