Bible Daily, KJV Bible + Audio
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Bible Daily, KJV Bible + Audio

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King James Bible read offline, AI Priest, Bible Trivia, Guiding Prayers & Plans

About this app

Bible Daily is an empowering Bible study app that offers a variety of features to enhance your experience. With this app, you can engage in Bible study, read daily verses, listen to Bible audios, participate in Bible trivia quiz games, chat with an AI priest, and pray to God anytime.

Communicate with God through Prayer
Bible Daily provides a platform for you to engage in morning and night prayers by offering relevant verses and prayers. Additionally, you can communicate with God at any time, expressing what's in your heart.

Enhance Your Bible Reading
When using Bible Daily for reading the Bible, you have the ability to personalize your experience. You can create notes, highlights, and bookmarks based on your study habits. Furthermore, you can listen to Bible audios while working out at the gym or engaging in other activities. The app also allows you to read the Bible offline, requiring no network connection.

Chat with an AI Priest Online
Enjoy the convenience of chatting with your very own AI priest through Bible Daily. This feature not only assists you in studying the Bible but also helps you find answers to your inner doubts.

Engage in Bible Trivia
Whether you are studying the Bible, seeking relaxation after work, or looking to train your brain, Bible trivia offers an excellent choice. Challenge yourself with Bible quizzes to test your knowledge while giving your mind a chance to unwind.

Follow Bible Plans
Bible Daily provides assistance in planning your Holy Bible study. The app offers a wide selection of Bible plans for you to choose from. By following these plans, you can establish a regular study and prayer routine. Bible Daily will remind you of your planned activities through notifications, helping you cultivate a habit of consistent study and prayer.

Experience Daily Bible Jigsaw
Engage in Bible trivia quiz games and other Bible study activities to collect jigsaw pieces. As you gather these pieces, you will unlock beautiful views of churches from around the world.

Record Your Journey with God
Using the Bible Daily app, you can document your entire spiritual journey as you seek God's heart daily and communicate through prayer. God hears your prayers, and this app serves as a tool to help you cherish and remember your time spent with Him.

Key Features of this King James Bible App:
- Easily add your own prayer items to communicate with God.
- Chat with your exclusive AI priest about anything related to the Bible.
- Test your learning with Bible trivia.
- Foster continuous study and personal growth.
- Share verses with your friends at any time.
- Customize scripture-sharing images.
- Establish a daily habit of study and prayer with the habit-forming function.
- Enjoy powerful and personalized reading features, such as choosing your favorite font and background and generating personalized notes.
- Listen to the audio version of the entire Bible during moments of rest or exercise.
- Explore theme-based study plans that guide you through Bible verses.
- Keep track of your learning and growth with recorded data.

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