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Holy Bible Now:Verse+Audio

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Holy Bible Now, a powerful Bible study, audios & verses, talk with God anytime.

About this app

Holy Bible Now offers a comprehensive Bible app that enhances your study of the Bible by providing offline access, daily verses, audio readings, Bible quizzes, and prayer support. This all-inclusive Bible app is completely free and supports your daily reading and prayer.

Personalize your Bible reading experience with private, focused notes. Whether you prefer online access or offline reading, our app is designed to be a fast, lightweight companion for your daily study. With convenient features like one-click verse search and the ability to create personalized highlights and notes, you can truly make this Bible software your own. Gain deeper insights into the scriptures with enhanced access to the Bible Answers feature, transforming you into a knowledgeable Bible scholar.

Devotion provides you with daily Bible verses and keeps you company throughout the day!

📚 Bookmark Sacred Scriptures
Never lose your place in the Holy Bible. Easily bookmark verses for quick reference.

🔔 Daily Bible Verse with Notifications
Stay connected with God by receiving a daily scripture notification to inspire and uplift you.

🎧 Audio Bible
Experience the joy of hands-free listening with our comprehensive Audio Bible feature.

💡 Bible Insights
Enhance your biblical knowledge with engaging quizzes, becoming a true Bible scholar.

📝 Personal Notes
Capture your thoughts and reflections while reading the Bible. Attach notes to multiple verses for future reference.

🌟 Highlight and Color
Make favorite verses stand out using a range of vibrant colors, adding deeper meaning to your reading.

🔍 Quick Search
Effortlessly find specific chapters or terms using our lightning-fast search system.

Let the Word of God guide you as you navigate this spiritual journey.

👉Key Features:

▪ Daily Prayer Selection
Curated Bible verses for daily prayer and inspiration.
▪ Comprehensive Scripture Search
Efficient search function to find any desired scripture.
▪ Personalized Verse Notes
Create custom notes for insightful reflections.
▪ Prayer Journal
Keep a dedicated journal for your prayers.
▪ Daily Faith Guidance
Support for a faithful life through quiet time.
▪ Offline Bible Access
Read and study the Bible without internet.
▪ Quick Verse Location
Instantly find specific verses.
▪ Highlight Favorites
Mark and save meaningful verses.
▪ Capture Inspirations
Note down moments of divine insight.
▪ Night Mode
Switch to a soothing reading experience at night.
▪ Bible Quiz Feature
Engaging quizzes for Bible knowledge.
▪ Hands-Free Audio Bible
Listen to the Bible without distractions.
▪ All Features, Absolutely Free
Enjoy all features without any cost.

Experience a transformative Bible devotion that enriches every day of your life!

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