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Daily Bible - Verse+Audio

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Daily Bible deliver people prayerfully support fot reading, studying and prayer

About this app

Daily Bible is a practical Bible study tool. With the Daily Bible app, people can learn, read, share and listen to the Bible. This app is an app that helps you to pray and understand different words in the bible. At the same time, the app also provides Bible quizzes to help you monitor your learning outcomes.
If you want to study the bible anytime, anywhere, then this free bible app is perfect for you: Our Bible app contains the complete authoritative Bible version.Experience the peace and the truth that only comes from God in the Holy Bible and enjoy an original and complete Bible!
This app has bible audio. Once the audio bible is downloaded, you can always listen to it without any internet. Every believer needs to download the Holy Bible.
Other features that you can find in this Daily Bible are
1. Daily Bible Verse with notification
These are power pack inspirational Bible verses that you can meditate on daily. You can easily share the verses on any social media.
2. Notes
Take as many notes as you can from the Bible. Take notes in church and attach the same to multiple verses for future reference. We are students of the word so lets spread God's word in Jesus.
3. Highlight
Mark favorite verses with all sorts of colors that gives it more meaning.
4. Quick Search
You can quick search for any book or term by using our fast and efficient search system.
5.Daily Bible quiz
A selection of Bible quiz questions to help you better reinforce your Bible study

This is an app intended to run also with less recent smartphones: light and user-friendly, the app has been made for everyone.Free for use for both believer and non believer alike, this app helps to bring the reader closer to the Biblical texts to know them, study them, and reflect on them.
Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes forth from the mouth of God.

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