Zen Word® - Relax Puzzle Game
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Zen Word® - Relax Puzzle Game

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ZenWord is a fun relaxing and challenging word game made for the smartest brains

About this game

Playing Zen Word 10 minutes a day brings you incredible, challenging, and relaxing experiences.

Zen Word® is a free word game for adults that helps to train your brain and sharpen your mind. All words in Zen Word are uncrossed, without any logical connection that can give hints to help you solve the puzzles. In Zen Word, you need to search and connect the correct letters to find 20 hidden words on average in each level to test your vocabulary. The length of the phrase is the only clue that will help you find all the words and solve the puzzles. Therefore, Zen Word has very high requirements for your vocabulary and spelling skills.

Zen Word is very different from word search games. The game's difficulty will increase sharply as you find more words in Zen Word. The rest of the words could be tough to remember and spell.

All the backgrounds and music are carefully selected in the Zen style.
You can fully immerse yourself in word puzzles, accompanied by beautiful and peaceful nature backgrounds and peaceful music.

Zen Word Features:
➤ Super challenging brain game & word spelling game
➤ Over 6000 word puzzles that gradually increase puzzle difficulty.
➤ Special levels are made of rare words that can block most of the challengers.
➤ No countdown, no competition, no failure. Just a pure word puzzle-solving experience makes you feel relaxed.
➤ Immerse yourself in nature's beauty and tranquility. Leave your worries behind, loosen up, and unwind.
➤ Soothe the mind by listening to calming background music while solving the word puzzles
➤ Play daily to earn bonus rewards to help you clear the levels.
➤ You can log in using Facebook to sync your game progress across various devices.

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