Block Sudoku Woody Puzzle Game
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Block Sudoku Woody Puzzle Game

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Train your brain by eliminating horizontal or vertical lines or square blocks!

About this game

Block Sudoku combines a wood block puzzle game with a sudoku grid. It's a relaxing yet strategic block puzzle that will have you hooked in no time!

Build lines or 3x3 squares to remove cube blocks. Keep the board empty and compete against the algorithm to test your IQ! Play as long as you can to challenge your record!

How to play Block Sudoku - the wood blocks puzzle game:
✔ Put wood cube blocks onto the wood grid to earn basic points.
✔ Build a row, columns, or squares to clear the board and win extra points.
✔ Streak: Remove cube blocks on every move to earn a Streak reward.
✔ Combo: Destroy multiple lines or squares for extra Combo points.

Relax and challenge yourself on the 9x9 wood block sudoku puzzle board. You can either enjoy destroying the blocks to empty your mind or think twice before each move for more combos and streaks.

Wood Block Sudoku Puzzle features:
✔ Holder as unique mechanics. Holder, an area on the right bottom where the extra block can be held for later use. Try to use Holder for higher scores!
✔ Rotators. Use valuable items to rotate blocks for more possibilities slimmer to tetris game.
✔ Multiple gameplay modes. Challenge hundreds of block puzzles in Daily Challenge, Puzzle Challenge and Jigsaw Puzzle.
✔ Seasonal event. Collect gems and other amazing awards in seasonal events.
✔ Easy to start: Block Sudoku is easy to start and can be played anywhere, anytime.
✔ Hard to master: Block Sudoku is yet hard to master and it takes logical thinking and strategy to achieve higher scores.

Why play this block puzzle game?
Woody Block Sudoku Puzzle was developed to reach a balance between relaxing experiences and brain exercises. Unique mechanics of Holder and Rotator lower the difficulty for casual players while increasing the possibilities of combo and streak for senior wood block puzzle players. A few rounds of Block Sudoku Puzzle could help people ease their minds, or exercise their brains.

If you like sudoku, merge games, wood block puzzle games or tetris games, Woody Block Sudoku Puzzle is made for you perfectly. No matter if you are tired of daily trivia or determined to challenge yourself, try the Block Sudoku and you will love it!

If you have any ideas or questions you want to discuss with us, please send emails to [email protected]. We are always here for you.
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