Jibi Land : Princess Castle
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Jibi Land : Princess Castle

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Let's explore princess castle. a dollhouse game adventure with little princess.

About this game

Jibi Land Princess Castle is a pretend-play dollhouse game that features an open-ended style of play. This allows you to explore a world filled with magic and fantasy. In this magical land, you will find numerous surprises and meet amazing characters such as little princesses, charming princes, dragons, unicorns, fairy, and many other cute pets. If you are a fan of dollhouses, this is a game you won't want to miss.

This is the first game in the Jibi Land series with a Princess Castle theme.

Inside the princess' castle, you'll find lots of activities to do, whether it's exploring the castle, solving puzzles, hunting treasure, or dressing up the princess. Make up and go out on a date with the prince, then cook delicious food and drinks. Come to a party at the private pool or enjoy with lots of cute pets, including cats, dogs, horses, and go in search of the little unicorn in the mysterious land. All in all, you can choose to play freely. There are no rules; anything is possible in this land, depending on your imagination.

How to play:
Our gameplay is like pretend play or a dollhouse. There are no rules to play. Our game is an independent space that allows children to fully unleash their imagination. Just choose a favorite character, like my princess, and use your imagination to create your own story

What will the story in this castle be like next?
You decide.

Game features:
- 9 fantastic dollhouse scenes, with tons of secrets and treasure puzzles to surprise you in this magic castle.
- Many cute characters, such as little princess, handsome prince, king, queen, maid, and chef, letting you create your own story freely.
- More than 100 animal characters for you to raise and take care of, such as little unicorn, little fairy, mischievous cat, and cute dog.
- Many gorgeous princess dresses to let you dress up the princess.
- Dragon eggs and unicorn eggs waiting for you to find and hatch.
- Some pets can grow, such as horse, unicorn, dragon. Take care of them and watch them grow.
- More than 100 food and beverage menus for you to cook. Let's cook delicious food for my princess.
- A magic magnifying glass system that will help you find secret items and solve puzzles.
- Sticker system for you to find and collect over 100 types.

New update:
- The underground secret room : encounter over 50 mysterious fairy, and discover ancient hidden treasures waiting to be found.
- New map system : Allows you to roam the world freely, explore new locations, and embark on adventures in the magic world of Jibi Land.

Advice for parents:
This game is designed for children between the ages of 6-12, so they can be played by themselves or with friends. Children under 6 years of age should be accompanied by a parent.

We believe in the power of pretend play, as it will help develop children's imagination and creativity. So we strive to develop an independent space in the format of a dollhouse where children can play and enjoy using their imagination. And we would appreciate it if parents can take the time to join this game with your child. Because that means our games can play a part in building a good relationship within your family.

We hope you enjoy playing this game.

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