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Tizi Town: My Play World Games

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Create your own storyline in Tizi home & visit my city life & princess town!

About this game

Play Tizi Town: My Play World kids games and set off on an epic adventure. Enjoy exciting games and explore the magical world of underwater, space and more. My Play World is the perfect kids games to keep your little one occupied and entertained all day long. Meet fairies, witch, dinos, and many cute characters in this fun games for kids. With so many different games for kids in one app, your little one will enjoy endless hours of fun.
Check out all the awesome games for kids in Tizi Town: My Play World games.
The Secret Lab:
Create your own cute characters from scratch in this game! Customize their eyes, nose, mouth, and skin tones, and try different clothes and dresses to create your perfect character.
Princess Castle:
Meet the princess, king, and queen and enjoy the lavish feast. Explore all the rooms and hidden chambers of the castle. Don't forget the magic hat that makes people invisible!
Stone Age Town:
Say hello to mammoths, dinosaurs, giant prehistoric birds, and stone age people. Check out the hidden waterfall, hang out with the locals, enjoy mouth-watering foods, and have a great time. Head to the beach where you can play games, go fishing and enjoy boating.
Tropical Forest:
Meet cute animals and explore their world in this exciting game. Take a trip to their school, make new friends and join them for some exciting play sessions.
Space Town:
Meet astronauts and learn how they live in outer space. Make new alien friends and check out the cool robots. Grab snacks from the cafeteria and enjoy looking at stars and planets out of the window.
Underwater Town:
Say hello to mermaids and other cute sea creatures. Visit the local supermarket and buy delicious snacks, food, and other items. Stop by the salon to get a pedicure at the ocean spa.
Witch Town:
Sneak into the witch's lair, learn to make magic potions and uncover lots of mysterious objects. Meet creatures you've never seen before. Head to the spooky mansion and say hi to the friendly ghost.
Fairy Land:
Say hello to the fairies and check out the doll playhouse and play with beautiful toys. visit the showhouse nearby and later enjoy dinner with your new pals under the giant magical mushrooms.
Pirate Town:
Enjoy the Pirate Town and check out the boat house where the pirates hang out. Visit the local school and check out the treasure room where pirates keep all their treasures!
Tizi City:
Live the city life and enjoy visiting the shopping malls, gym, fire station, and the Tizi airport. Enroll at the Tizi school, meet new children, and have a great time in this kid's game.
Dream home:
Build your dream home near the waterfall in Tizi World. Design and decorate your house with new furniture and paints, and make your home the best house.
Here's what makes Tizi Town: My Play World games exciting:
- 10+ islands with exciting locations.
- Play with 300+ fun characters.
- Touch, drag, and explore every item and see what happens! Surprises are hidden everywhere!
- 100% kid-safe and kid-friendly content
- Made for kids aged 6-8 but everyone will enjoy playing this game.
It's the perfect adventure games for kids and will keep them smiling all day long. Download Tizi Town: My Play World Games and build your own reality in our virtual games for kids.

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