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About this app

Over the past decade, WEBTOON™ has supported creators worldwide in sharing their stories. With breakout hits like Tower of God (now a hit anime) and Lore Olympus, WEBTOON’s diverse comics library spans multiple genres like romance, comedy, action, fantasy, horror, and more. WEBTOON caters to every reader from the manga and manhwa enthusiasts to the avid book lovers. Explore the whole platform and find plenty of series that feel like your favorite book, manga, or anime. Every day, millions of WEBTOON fans, dive deep into fictional worlds of diverse characters, unpredictable adventures, and juicy cliffhangers as they scroll from chapter to chapter. From heartfelt to unhinged, there’s a story for everyone on WEBTOON. You can even publish your own story on WEBTOON for free under our CANVAS platform.

Many WEBTOON series have been adapted into popular tv shows, K-Dramas, webnovels, books, and anime. Read the originals comics behind them:
- True Beauty
- Heartstopper
- Sweet Home
- Marry My Husband

WEBTOON is also home to globally beloved webcomics like
- Lore Olympus | 2022 & 2023 Eisner Award Winner, NYT Bestseller
- Hooky | NYT Bestseller
- Down To Earth
- UnOrdinary
- Operation: True Love
- Everything is Fine | 2022 Harvey Award Nominee

With so many options to read, WEBTOON makes it easy with custom comics, manga, and manhwa recommendations and daily rankings, listing current fan favorite series in one place so you can join in the fandom faster. Read an unlimited amount of series and create a free WEBTOON account to save stories to your personal library and receive notifications whenever a new episode releases. Or check the Daily Releases tab to see when new episodes of your favorite comics will release. Leave comments on episodes to bond with fellow WEBTOON fans and creators, and download episodes over wifi to read offline anytime. So get the WEBTOON app now to join the largest webcomics community in the world.

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