Weather Now Launcher - Radar
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Weather Now Launcher - Radar

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Get local storm alerts with our NOAA radar powered weather launcher

About this app

Introducing Weather Launcher Now, your comprehensive companion for staying informed about the weather conditions right on your homescreen. With powerful radar capabilities powered by NOAA, this launcher provides accurate and up-to-date weather information, ensuring you're always prepared for any storm, hurricane, or severe weather event.

Stay ahead of the curve with our live radar feature, which allows you to track storms, monitor rainfall patterns, and receive real-time updates on severe weather alerts in your local area. The NOAA radar integration ensures reliable and precise weather data, enabling you to plan your activities accordingly and prioritize safety.

Our Weather Launcher goes beyond basic forecasts, offering detailed information on temperature, wind speed, humidity, and more. You can customize your homescreen with a weather widget, displaying hourly forecasts, so you can effortlessly plan your day without any surprises.

Stay in the know with our extensive set of alerts, including weather warnings and storm notifications. Be it heavy rain, snowfall, or potential hurricanes, our app will promptly notify you, keeping you prepared and allowing you to take appropriate action.

The Weather Launcher's sleek and intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate and access all the vital information you need. With its user-friendly design, you can seamlessly switch between radar views, zoom in to specific areas, and explore the interactive map to track weather patterns in real-time.

Whether you're a weather enthusiast, an outdoor adventurer, or simply someone who wants to stay informed, our Weather Launcher is a must-have app. Its accuracy and reliability ensure you can trust the information it provides, empowering you to make informed decisions about your day.

Don't let unexpected weather conditions catch you off guard. Download our Weather Launcher now and take control of your weather experience. Stay informed, stay prepared, and stay safe.

* Weather Now Launcher uses device Accessibility permissions to lock the screen when an in-app gesture is performed. This is optional and disabled by default.

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