Water Sort Quest
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Water Sort Quest

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A puzzle game where you collect water of the same color and complete a tube!

About this game

Play our watercolor sorting puzzle to train your brain and challenge yourself!

[How to play]
– Tap a tube to pour water into another tube.
– You can only pour water on top of the same color.
– You can only pour water if there is enough space.
– You can move water of any color into an empty tube.
– Beat the level by collecting water of the same color in each tube.
– You can find "?" by moving the water on the top.
– If you get stuck, you can retry the level.

– You can play this game with one finger.
– There is no time limit; play anytime, anywhere.
– Easy to play.
– You can customize tubes, caps, and backgrounds.
– Use items for easy wins!
– Compete with other players and get high rankings to earn extra rewards.
– Red-green colorblind mode available.

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