Wars of Evolution

Wars of Evolution

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Control your fantasy army, fight, evolve, and conquer each era.

About this game

Are you Looking for a cool and epic Battle Clash between top interesting warrior?
Are you fan of Idle War Games?
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?

Wars of Evolution is the perfect game for you! This is a lightweight but profound core, a perfect combination of idle game and war strategy game! In the game you will experience an unforgettable test of war strategy.

Enter the world of strange animal Warriors, control an army of Warriors, you can choose any type of Warriors you want and your mission is to defeat all other Warriors army from a variety of Ages to become the King of animal Warriors!

Summoning Warriors and use your wise strategy to defeat the enemies! Each time you win, you can upgrade and empower your army strengths and unlock new Ages, win the epic battle!

🔹 Build Fantasy Animal Army of Warriors
Build and Upgrade your army games and compete against other Warriors, use your draw strategy to unlock new Warriors Army and conquer the battle clash

🔹 The War never stops!
Every fighter in this game is full of fun and imagination, and you will experience incredible humor and strategy at the same time in the game.

Game Features:
★ Engage in an epic Battle between the Top Warriors, claim yourself to be the Ultimate Warriors!
★ Variety of Ages from Stone Age to Modern Ages, All kinds of funny animals full of fantasy and imagination, cats, dogs, monkeys, dinosaurs!An evolutionary journey beyond Darwin.There is no limit to your Strategy!
★ An endless War between Ages, Embark on a fantastic path of evolution, lead your army to Victory!

Are you ready for the battle and claim victory in the World of Warriors? Download Wars of Evolution now and embark on a thrilling journey to be the greatest Warriors!