Think Words -Letter Press Game

Think Words -Letter Press Game

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Brain Game | Choose a Category and Race Against a Timer to Be the Last Player

About this game

Words Game - Brain of Puzzle
Are you ready to find yourself in an atmosphere where thoughts flow quickly, so to speak? Test your vocabulary with "Think Word: Letter Press Game" and have a competitive gaming experience!

With "Think Word: Letter Press Game" you will get:

A chance to have fun while exercising your mind
Opportunity to expand your vocabulary and improve your quick thinking abilities
Opportunity to have a pleasant time with your friends or family
Download "Think Word: Letter Press Game" now to test your own intelligence and speed and start a fun word adventure!

The fast paced category word game that challenges players to think quickly. Think Words is based around the tried and tested concept of word association, designed for the whole family to enjoy. Players simply take turns to name an answer relevant to the selected category, press the corresponding letter and pass to the next player within 10 seconds. If players can't think of an answer in time, they're out of the round. The last person left in play wins

You then press the middle of the which is a hand button. This starts a 10 second timer.

You have 10 seconds to think and call out and answer that obviously is relevant to your subject, once you have called out an answer you will need to press down the letter.
The letter can only be pressed down once until there is a new round. You must then reset the timer for the next player.

The same category is used until there is only one player left or all the letters are pushed press.

Think Words Board Games : Learning Gameplay Review

The game is ever so simple and easy to learn. There is a liste with subjects on and a letter wheel. Each player has to say a word that begins with an unselected letter on the wheel before the 10 second timer runs out. The letter wheel has all letters are available.
So for example, if the subject or category was “Animals” you could say “Horse” and push down the H followed by a slap of the central button to reset the timer. Play moves on to the next player who might say “Bird” pressing the ‘B’ and play moves round until all the letters are depressed. A player is eliminated from the round if they run out of time, give a spurious answer, or don’t say an answer before the ting of the timer. It is a quick game and you sort of play for as long as you want.
Great Strategic Word Game:
The ten second timer does add an urgency to the game, which in turn hinders the thought of words that could lead you to victory.
This game is completely centred around the letter dial.

Think Words Spin Game There 20 different categories.
The quick thinking pressing game
Name it, press it, pass it
Seconds to learn hours of fun
2 or more players. Learning Game
The frenzy Think Words!
You also feel like it is sort of educational too, as it helps build vocabulary and spelling.

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