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Master precision in TargetNinja, the knife-throwing challenge!

About this game

Welcome to the world of TargetNinja! This thrilling game is a true test of your knife-throwing skills and focus. Hit the target with unparalleled accuracy as you immerse yourself in a world of challenge and excitement.

The gameplay is simple. Just tap, aim and release your knife to strike the rotating target. Your timing and precision are the keys to success. With each throw, you'll face increasingly difficult levels, pushing you to become the TargetNinja Master.

Explore multiple environments, from serene landscapes to challenging settings, as you test your abilities and adapt to new challenges. As you progress, you'll earn achievements that mark your accomplishments and showcase your growing skills. Engage in time-based challenges to add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay, and immerse yourself fully in the ninja experience with dynamic sound effects.

Join the adventure of Target Ninja now and sharpen your skills to become the ninja master you were destined to be!

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