Soul Quest

Soul Quest

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Soul Summoner: Resurrect Warriors & Conquer!

About this game

Embark on an epic adventure as a powerful wizard commanding an army of warriors in this thrilling action-packed game! Control your wizard character with precision using a joystick as you navigate through enemy territories, engaging in intense battles and collecting precious souls along the way.

With a default pool of souls at your disposal, unleash up to 20 warriors to fight by your side. Strategize your movements carefully to avoid enemy attacks while guiding your army to victory. Every fallen warrior leaves behind valuable souls, which you must gather to replenish your forces.

But fear not, for with the press of a button, you can resurrect fallen warriors to bolster your ranks. Distribute your available souls evenly among the units you've unlocked, ensuring a balanced and formidable army at all times.

Explore diverse landscapes, encounter challenging foes, and unleash powerful magic as you strive to conquer each battlefield. Are you ready to lead your army to glory and become the ultimate wizard commander? Download now and embark on an unforgettable journey!

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