Slime Kingdom Tycoon

Slime Kingdom Tycoon

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Rise as a tycoon, reign over your kingdom, and lead slime army to the victory!

About this game

Welcome to Slime Kingdom Tycoon, one of the most exciting idle tycoon games and slime games!

Run your Slime Kingdom in this simulation game! As the tycoon, you aim to become the legend of slime; you must transform cute blobs into fierce warriors to defend your kingdom. Let's lead the way to legendary status in this idle clicker game! 🛠️🔩

🏭Game Features:
- Idle Tycoon Fun: Progress effortlessly with an easy mechanism in idle clicker games.
- Legend of Slime: Collect a variety of charming slimes and train them into powerful soldiers.
- Kingdom Construction: Build a myriad of structures for your army of slimes.
- Mighty Slime Legion: Arm your slime legion with the best gear for battle.
- Exciting Upgrading: Experience the rush of escalating progress as your kingdom grows.

🕹️How to Play:
- Facility Expansion: Manage and upgrade your infrastructure to increase production.
- Slimes Maker: Master the tricky art of creating a slime army.
- Equipment Upgrades: Strengthen your slime legion for peak performance.
- Strategic Deployment: Build your legendary army strategically to fend off enemies.

🔥Calling all kingdom tycoons, it's time to arm your slime legion! Slime Kingdom Tycoon incorporates the excitement of idle clicker games and the joy of running kingdom into an immersive tycoon simulation game. 👊

💪It's more than just idle upgrading games! It's about creating a legend of slimes, becoming a business master, and surviving the odds in this tycoon simulation game.

💣🛡️Build, upgrade, and lead your strong slime legion to ultimate glory in this highly addictive idle tycoon game. Are you ready to be the next ultimate tycoon of slime kingdom?💥⚔️🦠

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