Sleep Tracker & Sleep Sounds

Sleep Tracker & Sleep Sounds

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Sleep tracker, snore recorder, sleep cycle and relax melodies to fall sleep fast

About this app

Embark on a journey to fall sleep fast, manage anxiety and better sleep. Improves your sleep cycle and wake you up gently. Personalized your sleep with comprehensive report of record, snore and dream talks. Sleep app provide a variety of relax melodies to calm you down and create sleep environment. Intuitive sleep recorder provides smart alarm clock.

What are you waiting for…Start your journey with all-in-one sleep tracker & sleep sounds app. Revolutionize your nights and wake up refreshed by understanding your sleep patterns like never before.

Why using Sleep Tracker:
✔️ Improve your sleep quality.
✔️ Better know about your sleep.
✔️ Personalized your sleep tracking.
✔️ Record snoring and dream talk.
✔️ Track your phases and stages of sleep cycle.
✔️ Detailed today, weekly and monthly report.
✔️ Manage anxiety with bundle of relax melodies sleep sound.
✔️ Smart alarm clock.
✔️ Mark sleep habit with sleep notes.

How Sleep Tracker Works:
Place your android phone near you.
Make sure battery is enough.

🛏 Improve Sleep Cycle:
Dive into the world of personalized insights with our smart sleep tracking. Monitors your cycles, duration, and quality of sleep providing a comprehensive analysis each morning.

😴 Snore and Dream Talk Recorder:
Uncover the mysteries of your nighttime soundscape with free sleep tracker specialized recording features. Capture and analyze snoring patterns and even document your dream talks, providing you with a unique peek into your sleep journey.

📈 Sleep Trends and Patterns:
Monitors uncover the mysteries of your sleep with detailed trends and patterns. Visualize your data over time to identify habits that impact your rest and make informed adjustments for a better sleep.

🎵 Relax Melodies - Sleep Sounds:
Drift off into a world of tranquillity with curated library of sleep sounds. Choose from a variety of relax melodies calming noises, including nature sounds, white noise, and gentle melodies, tailored to enhance your relaxation and promote a serene environment.

🔔 Smart Alarm Clock:
Say goodbye to jarring wake-up calls! sleep recorder smart alarm clock wakes you up at the optimal point in your cycle. Ensuring you start your day feeling energized and ready to conquer.

Sleep timer adjusting bedtime routines to creating an ideal environment, sleep app provides actionable insights to enhance your sleep cycle. Embark on a transformative journey to better sleep where science meets tranquillity. Download sleep recorder today and make every night a dreamy experience!
Our team is still working hard to bring the best Sleep tracker so, if you have any issue or suggestion, please leave your feedback below. Your feedback is really valuable to us. Thankyou!

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