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Sarketab Darvish Mohammad

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Prayer and remembrance are fundamental acts of worship in Islam. It is possible to pray in difficult times for help and support, protection from illness, finding a job, seeking love, earning money, and achieving success.

A medium is typically believed to possess supernatural abilities and claims to solve people's problems, predict the future, and perform energy-related activities. However, concepts and practices related to mediums vary worldwide. They said Farzin Hoca and Memiş,

The most famous medium in Turkey is Derviş Mehmet, who has traveled to different countries for many years, helping everyone and fulfilling the following tasks with his healing power.

1- Debt and Sustenance Prayers: Prayers for financial issues and debts, including prayers for rain-like money and prayers that bring immediate financial gain.

2- Disease and Healing Prayers: Prayers for getting rid of illnesses and finding healing, including prayers to be recited when boarding a vehicle and when embarking on a journey.

3- Healing Prayers without the Internet: Healing prayers that can be used without internet access.

4- Cure-All Prayer for Every Ailment: Healing prayers for all kinds of troubles and sorrows.

5- Distress Prayers: Prayers for lost items and to relieve and alleviate distress.

6- Wishing and Request Prayers: Prayers for health, lowering fever, and fulfilling wishes and desires.

7- Marriage and Fate Prayers: Prayers for marriage and fate, including opening prayers and fate-opening prayers with a 100% guaranteed marriage prayer. Prayers to reconcile between spouses.

8- Repentance Prayers: Prayers for repentance and forgiveness of sins.

9- Secret Prayers: Mysterious and special prayers for specific intentions, including what to carry for protection from the evil eye and how to get rid of the evil eye. Information on prayers for protection from and breaking magic spells by Medium Hocas.

10- Exam and Success Prayers: Prayers for success in exams and prayers to be recited before entering an exam, including prayers for driving tests.

11- Love and Respect Prayers: Prayers to increase love and respect.

12- Job and Workplace Prayers: Prayers for success and prosperity in work-related matters.

13- Love Prayer: Prayers to attract and protect love, including powerful and fast love prayers and immediately effective love enchantment prayers for Ismail Hoca.

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