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Quiz: A challenging and educational platform, stimulating thinking anywhere!

About this game

Welcome to our innovative platform that will enchant you with its challenges and inspire you to think, no matter where you are right now. Our fun and educational platform provides an amazing experience for users of all ages. We are ready to stimulate your mind with interesting questions that will test your creativity, logic and general diversity of thinking. Whether you're at home, on the road, or somewhere in between, our platform will provide you with moments of challenge and joy. Immerse yourself in a world of games where enjoyment and education come together, creating an experience you will remember. Accept our challenges and let your thoughts float freely into a world of unlimited possibilities!

This project was developed by students in the course "Advanced development of applications for mobile devices" at the graduate study of Computer Science, FSRE, in order to successfully fulfill the obligations of the same course.

Students who created the application: Dragan Zovko and Ivan Đolo