Music Racing : Beat Racing GT
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Music Racing : Beat Racing GT

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Neon nights in racing games. Sync to beats, win cars. A unique racing journey!

About this game

Step into the unique world of Neon Racer! Experience racing like never before, where music drives the speed. It's more than just a race—it's a rhythmic journey. Ready to redefine racing and light up the night?

How to play:
- Swipe on the screen to maneuver your race car
- Dodge obstacles on the track to maintain your speed
- Collect crystals for a short burst of acceleration
- Race against other cars and aim for a higher ranking

Game features:
- Synchronize with the Beat: Navigate your car by syncing to the mesmerizing beats. Collect rhythm points to surge ahead and outpace your competitors.
- Innovative Race Mechanics: Multiple modes cater to every racer. Race in a pure rhythm-based mode or face the chaotic challenges competitors bring to the track.
- Obstacles and Boosts: Navigate through dynamic obstacles that test your reflexes and grab power-ups for that extra burst of speed when you most need it.
- Leaderboards and Achievements: Prove your mettle. Compete against players worldwide and earn your spot at the top. Unlock achievements and cars as you ascend the ranks.
- Expansive Garage: Earn and upgrade a plethora of cars, each bringing its unique flair to the neon tracks.

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