Monkey Ecom

Monkey Ecom

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video game where players manage a jungle store run by monkeys

About this game

"Monkey Ecom" is a video game that represents a life simulation game based on the concept of a monkey-owned shopping center. Players control a group of monkeys and manage their own store within the jungle. The game offers various challenges and tasks that require strategic decision-making and professional management.

Some prominent features of "Monkey Mart" include:

1. Store Management: Players must prepare the store and stock it with different goods such as food items, toys, gifts, and monkey-themed clothing.

2. Business Expansion: Players can hire more monkeys and direct them in the store to increase productivity and profits.

3. Customer Satisfaction: Customers are other monkeys who come to buy goods. Players must meet their needs and strive to make them satisfied and willing to return.

4. Skill Development: Monkeys in the game can develop their skills and abilities in various areas such as sales, design, and management.

5. Goal Achievement: Players can set personal goals and tasks to be accomplished to progress in the game and increase their level of success.

"Monkey Ecom" is a management and simulation game that provides an enjoyable experience and exciting challenges for players in the world of monkeys and their businesses.