Lumbercat : Idle Tycoon
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Lumbercat : Idle Tycoon

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Build a Lumber Empire with Cute Cat Crews in this Idle Tycoon Game!

About this game

Clawesome News! "Lumbercat" invites you to join a whimsical world where adorable cat lumberjacks are waiting to embark on a timber empire adventure with you!

Cat Lumberjacks at Work
In this charming game, you'll meet cat lumberjacks who chop down trees and process logs into beautiful homes. Watch in awe as their skilled paws transform timber into cozy abodes!

Purr-fect ASMR Experience
The sound of chopping and processing wood offers a soothing ASMR experience. Relax to the rhythm of the cats at work, crafting timber into masterpieces.

Growth and Expansion
As you grow your timber business, hire various cat managers, and add new machinery. Your timber empire will expand before your eyes!

Your Very Own Timber Empire
Start as a small woodcutter and rise to become a magnate of a massive timber empire. Unleash your management skills alongside the cats. The success of your lumber business is in your paws!

Paws-itively Wonderful Gameplay
This game promises joy for all ages, especially for cat lovers. Immerse yourself in the world of cute cats chopping wood!

Easy, Stress-free Idle Tycoon Game
The cats keep your lumber mill running even when you're away! Your empire thrives AFK, as the dedicated cat workers tirelessly manage your business.

Join the Lumbercat Team
Join our cat lumberjacks as they master their woodcutting skills, creating a feline-friendly timber empire that's a hit in the cat world! As they perfect their lumberjacking, you're mastering your timber tycoon strategies!

The Purr-fect Game For:
♥ Anyone who loves cat games, animal games and cute games!
♥ Fans of building and managing a timber empire!
♥ Those who enjoy relaxing games, idle games and simulation games!
♥ Players who prefer offline games for free! (no wifi)
♥ Everyone who likes to play free games!

Feel the relaxing vibe as you watch cute cats at work and steadily become the timber tycoon you've always dreamed of! Come join us ♥

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