Lost Temple : Fast Run
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Lost Temple : Fast Run

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Escape the kingdom, run freely in the jungle, start running Now!

About this game

Lost Temple : Fast Run is a very exciting game with jungle and hunter themes.
Our hunter captain has given up the wandering sea life, return to the jungle life, But the hunter's clothing is too obvious, most of the enemy has been run to the jungle, to catch up with our hunters. Through the jungle, run to the city, get rid of the back followers, to meet the new life.
The scenery of the jungle is beautiful, at the same time, the dangerous things also are there, be careful to run on the barbarians. Everywhere has traps , which will reduce the speed of our run.
As far as possible to the fastest, turn left or right to avoid the oncoming truck and barbarians, Jump or fall to avoid dangerous traps. Run at the limit speed and become the strongest runner.
Heroes are not necessarily lonely, running farthest, to get the most many pets , different pets have different bonuses for our hunter.

Game features:
tA variety of fancy dress hunter character selection
t3D High Definition Jungle Scene and City Scene
tThe thrill of jumping on the cliff
tExtreme running
tThe fun of pets

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