Location Finder-Phone Tracker

Location Finder-Phone Tracker

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See real-time location of family and friends & stay connected

About this app

Stay connected & keep your family and friends close with "Location Finder-Phone Tracker".

📌 See everyone's location in real-time: Never miss a moment, find friends instantly, and stay in the loop.

😮 Get notified when plans change: Did your friend just arrive at the movie theater? Did your child leave soccer practice a little early? A quick notification lets you know, so you can adjust your plans or simply have peace of mind.

🏠 Mark important zones: See your loved ones' frequent spots, and mark safe/unsafe places with custom names.

🗺️ Discover news places together: Use the app to discover popular places nearby and see if your friends are hanging out anywhere fun.


⭐️ Important Note ⭐️

• Location Sharing: To keep you connected, the app may request access to your location. Remember, location sharing is a two-way street – both parties need to agree!
• Privacy First: We take your privacy seriously. Any information collected is used only to make the app work its magic and is never shared with third parties without your consent.

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