Kpop Magic Tiles - Piano Idol
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Kpop Magic Tiles - Piano Idol

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Cool music Kpop & EDM game: play piano, tap game with rhythm, beats & real music

About this game

Get ready for 'Kpop Magic Tiles - Piano color'! It's a fun game where you tap along to awesome Kpop songs. Imagine dancing to the coolest music hits!

How to play?
🎶 Dance to the Beat:
Tap, slide, and hold the tiles to match the music's beat. It's like dancing with your fingers! Feel like a Kpop star as you play.

Our key features:
🌟 Latest Kpop Hits:
Play with the newest Kpop songs. The game is always updated with the most popular song from the most artists, girl bands, boy bands: Jung Kook, Black Pink, NewJeans, BTS, Big Bang, SNSD, Aespa, Stray Kids, Twice, ITZY, .... It's like having your own Kpop concert!

🔥 Super Fun to Play:
It's like a challenge! Tap the tiles and keep up with the music. You can choose how hard or easy you want it to be. How good are your dancing skills?

👽Enjoy the endless
Endless mode is available! Could you beat your best score?

🎉 Collect and Make It Yours:
As you play, you can unlock cool stuff to make the game look awesome. You can even choose different looks that remind you of Kpop. It's your game, your style!

🏆 Play with Friends:
Want to show off your dancing talent? Play with friends and others from far away. See who can get the highest score and be the best dancer!

Ready to dance to Kpop music? 'Kpop Magic Tiles - Dancing Pop' is all about music, fun, and dancing. Download it now and let's get the party started!

Note: If any producer or label has an issue with any of the music used in the game, please send email to us and it will be deleted immediately if necessary (this includes the images used).

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