King of Defense 2: TD Premium
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King of Defense 2: TD Premium

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Building tactics and strong defenses to protect the kingdom.

About this game

King of Defense 2: TD Battle Pro is a tower defense game as an upgraded version of King of Defense 2: Epic TD. Players have with this version, better benefits than the free version such as owning 3 heroes and 3 summoned beasts and 3 days premium.

Becoming a hero and building a system of defenses including turrets to fend off enemy attacks.

King of Defense 2: TD Battle Pro retains the core features of the free King of Defense 2: Epic TD version. Players can stack 2 towers to flexibly change tactics when combining towers, upgrading towers, unlocking new heroes, and using special skills to fight enemies. The game offers a great combination of strategy and action, where players must come up with a strategy and creative thinking to win.

With beautiful graphics, diverse maps, and still constantly expanding, the game offers a colorful and unique world where players will fight on different levels, facing challenges, and building smart defense strategies to protect their base.

Joining King of Defense 2: TD Battle Pro to become a defense hero, overcome difficult challenges and win the battle to protect the kingdom


▶ Free of 3 generals, 3 summoned beasts immediately
▶ An exciting, challenging, and free tower defense offline game!
▶ Building 2 floors of defense towers
▶ Offline mode that you can play at any time.
▶ Using the power in your hand, using the most suitable strategy and tactics to achieve glorious victory
▶ Over 80 maps and levels that are both challenging and exciting in a strategy game.
▶ More than 8 types of Defense Tower such as Archer, Magic, Warrior, Dragon, Golem,..
▶ Various Heroes with different strengths and skills, Victory or defeat is in your hands.
▶ More than 10 types of Summoning Beasts that strengthen the heroes so that they can defeat all the big bosses.
▶ Competitive Tournament: Let’s see who is the king of defense in the world championship and Infinite Challenge!

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