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Kings James Version - Read the KJV holy bible orderly with Chapters, and Verses.

About this app

The Holy Bible has several versions of it in which the KJV Bible forms the life statements of how a human life should be, marked by the words of God Jesus in Old and New Testaments. There has been a reference to the dictionary of external apps that refers to the meaning of a Holy Bible of King James word with same synonyms, close to accurate. The King James Bible can be shared among other Smartphone users totally free that values more with relatives and friends.

The Original text version to be represented of the Holy Bible is mentioned as being the King James Version Bible. The Bible itself has different unique translations in it and also collectively got many language versions in the release. In these, the King James Version, simply called the KJV, is the authorised version of the Bible that has been used in the Church of England. The Bible Quotes from the verses have been included in the early modern English translation of the Christian Bible, and they are widely disseminated. KJV Bible Offline is an application package available for Android app format where all the chapters of the Old Testament and New Testament are available in a single file downloadable access that works without Internet after the installation.

The King James Version comes in the pocket edition not as a book but in the form of mobile application for the mostly used mobile operating system in the world say Android that can be read anywhere and anytime. The migration happens in one’s life with started reading the KJV Bible Online that may enlighten their mind and heart with pure soul once following the KJV Bible Verses. In this fast-headed life, spending an entire day by sparing time for each activities may be hard, so making a habit of reading a Verse a day through the Holy Bible King James Version would be good for practice. KJV Study Bible operates with just a little data packet connectivity where once loading the Wallpapers, Videos of God Jesus, and so on; Internet goes offline.

In the KJV Bible app, there is a feature with a message box appearing with the Verse of the day, as the display may change the Verse randomly each time the Bible app loads. Making prayer in the Bible every day at home or in a private place with the King James Bible app is easy. The Verse can be acted upon for several reasons, and there are many. To name some of them, there are encouraging Bible verses, healing Bible verses, blessing Bible verses, and so on. The KJV Bible app is accessible on a varied number of devices, say a smartphone or tablet, where the latter is useful for reading and bible study purposes.

You can enjoy reading the KJV Bible offline at no cost, which means it’s totally free to download and install, presented to you by the "Oly Bible" brand.


Quotes: Define the verses in different sections placed over an image that the user can use severally.

Videos: Play the wordings of God Jesus and become a disciple of him in the video format.

Wallpapers: The image that can fill as a colorful background on the main screen of your phone /Tablet representing the occasion of Gods and festivals.

Search: Looking out for a particular word search, then the result would bring matching in a marked visual of the whole Bible or New Testament or Old Testament.

Daily Verse: Start each of your days with the random verse that appears on the Holy Bible app, where it can be copied and shared.

My Library: Bookmark, Highlights, and Notes are a collection of titles.

Bookmark → Used to bookmark or save a verse.

Highlights → Used to color theme a verse

Notes → Used to take or mark some notes on a verse

Festive Calendar: Let us know about all the Christian festivals and events in this Calendar. Instantly share an image with an attached verse to others in WhatsApp and save it in Gallery.

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