Just don't Scream!
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Just don't Scream!

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better don`t scream in this game

About this game

Oh, are you interested in horror games? Let's talk about "screemer"! This game is a real atmospheric immersion into the world of horror and survival. Imagine: you find yourself in a frightening night forest surrounded by horrible monsters, and you need to survive until dawn. I realize that the key to this game is avoiding dangerous places, but as far as screaming goes, it's an important detail. It's all about the fact that in the dark forest, sounds can attract monsters, so you have to stay silent to survive. This game is a study in strategy and requires you to keep your cool in the most horrible situations. So be sure to stay quiet! And also, in this game you can use different items to defend yourself or distract the monsters, which adds a strategic element and makes the gameplay even more fun. So get ready for a tense atmosphere, intriguing gameplay and terrible surprises at every turn!

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