Ice Cream Chu
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Ice Cream Chu

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Dive into sweet and relaxing music

About this game

🐹 Chu Chu! We are coming! 🐹

Be careful! Lovely hamsters fall from the top of your screen!
Get hamsters with one finger👆 to the music.
Enjoy the rhythm gameplay and feel the relaxing music.

🐹 : ‘Ice Cream Chu’ Features

1️⃣ Lovely hamster character : cute hamsters with dessert on head are coming 🐹
2️⃣ A variety of songs to play : there are amount of music playlists you can play 😼
3️⃣ Hidden hamster story : get the stars playing game and see their hidden story 📖
4️⃣ Game made with fan’s opinion : this game was made with our fan’s opinion, feel free to give your voice to make other new games ❤️

🐹 : How to Play

Move the ice cream cone by swiping your finger and save hamsters falling from the top.
Sometimes the special hamster with shining star falls.
Save them and get stars, they are used for unlocking the hidden story.

🐹 : Why you’ll love ‘Ice Cream Chu’

1️⃣ Relaxing and lovely graphic and hamsters.
2️⃣ You can’t get enough of a variety of playlists.
3️⃣ Figure out the hidden story using stars.

This game is made with fan’s opinion and we’re ready to make other games listening to your opinion.

Feel free to enjoy our contents and give your voice, maybe it can be made to new game!


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