I-Convert - heic to jpg

I-Convert - heic to jpg

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Bulk Image format converter app for convert any type images to .jpg, .png, .webp

About this app

Looking to quickly and effortlessly convert your PNG images to high-quality JPEG format? Meet "I-Convert" - the ultimate app for seamless and efficient image conversion. Whether you need to prepare images for your website, social media, or any other project, this app is your go-to solution for fast and hassle-free PNG to JPEG conversions. 🚀

Key Features:

Easy and Intuitive Conversion: "Convert PNG to JPG" boasts a user-friendly interface, making it simple for users of all skill levels to perform image conversions. Just select your PNG file, choose the desired JPEG format and quality settings, and tap the "convert" button to witness the magic. 🎨

Fast and Lossless Conversion: Experience lightning-fast and reliable conversions without any compromise on image quality. Your PNG images will be transformed into high-quality JPEG files, ensuring that every detail is preserved. ⚡

Batch Conversion Support: Need to convert multiple JPG, PNG, WEBP, HEIC images at once? Not a problem! Our app supports batch conversion, enabling you to process multiple files simultaneously, saving you valuable time. 📂

Save and Share with Ease: After converting your images, conveniently save them directly to your device or share them via email or your favorite social media platforms. 📲

Versatile Format Support: "Convert PNG to JPG" goes beyond just PNG to JPEG conversions. It supports various format conversions, including JPG to PNG, JPG to WebP, PNG to WebP, and WebP to PNG, offering you unmatched versatility. 🔄

Additional Image Tools: Enjoy the added benefits of image resizing and cropping functionalities, giving you more control over your image transformations. 📏

User-Friendly Experience: Our app is designed to cater to your needs without complicating the process. Say goodbye to cumbersome conversions and welcome a seamless experience. 😊

History List: Easily access your conversion history to keep track of your previous transformations. 📜

Features of the app :-
✅ .jpg to .png
✅ .png to .jpg
✅ .jpg to .webp
✅ .webp to. jpg
✅ .png to .webp
✅ .webp to .png
✅ Resize Images
✅ Crop Images
✅ Send Images
✅ Share Images
✅ History list of Images convert.
and many more.
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