Gym Fight Club: Fighting Game
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Gym Fight Club: Fighting Game

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Be an undefeated boxing game champion! Win all fight club ring fighting games.

About this game

Rule the fight club in gym fighting games and be a city fighter!

Are you a fighting games lover & want to fight bad guys in 1v1 games? Become shadow legends and win the future fight club battle. Jump into the pro wrestling games with this bodybuilder fighting games and adventure of world pro wrestling all-star like never before. These are exciting new games specially designed for wrestling fighters and boxing star to enjoy gym bodybuilders challenging experience. Survive in the gym, leaving your opponent with zero chances to stay alive. Fight hard! Wrestler.

Become Fight Club Wrestling All-Star:
Play bodybuilder fighting games and learn to fight face-to-face in the 1v1 wrestling game. Just remember one thing "two men, one club, one winner!" tie up and get ready to be the world gym shadow knight. Fight and defeat the world's top professional gym shadow legends and become a world wrestling star as a supreme duelist. Freestyle wrestlers will love this 3d action game. Now, this is the time to jump into the fight club, smack down all dangerous bodybuilders from around the world, and experience 1v1 fighting games.

Tactics to Rule Fight Club:
Use diverse freestyle fighting game, including taekwondo, Muay Thai, kung fu, & boxing games, etc. Get into future fight and beat all the opponents to earn points and rewards to unlock the following levels. Unique features like hard-hitting action, stunning graphics, drama, new games modes, additional match types, and deep creation capabilities make this the most exciting wrestling game. Upgrade your speed, power, and accuracy with further strikes and fighting styles getting points for each winning match. Gym fighting is intense; you present a visual and sensory double enjoyment.

Interesting Levels & Improved Wrestling Gameplay:
This wrestling game has multiple levels and modes like Tournaments and Dual Combat. Each round has its specialty and difficulty. Score enough points to unlock the following fighting game levels, or else you can also watch rewarding videos to unlock levels. Select your fight club superstar from the world's top gym bodybuilder wrestlers and jump into the fight club. Master each level of the fight club to become the ultimate ninja warrior of the wrestling world in these top fighting games. Play daily challenges to earn extra coins and use this virtual currency to purchase different players and upgrade your fighting skills.

What is special in Gym Fight Club?
• Professional gym wrestlers
• New wrestling game styles & actions
• Realistic Gym Setting
• Workout and Make Body like PRO
• Exciting game levels and modes
• Energizing SFX in new games
• Gorgeous graphics & excellent gameplay
• Watch rewarding videos
• Unlock Daily Rewards

Play now for battle royal fight club challenges! The game is not for the faint hearts. The supreme duel and future fight game rounds get serious. Only the real supreme duelist can win all the fights.

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