G I-DLE Piano Tiles

G I-DLE Piano Tiles

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The most popular piano game application today, you can play it anytime.

About this game

This is a fun piano game right, in this game you can entertain yourself
when you are stressed with daily activities and busyness, take your time
to play this game, hopefully you will be entertained

This game is very easy to play, as for how to play it as follows:
1. After you download this piano application you can open it immediately,
after you open it, select your favorite song that you want to play
2. Click the play menu on the song list then you will enter game mode
3. Press the first piano black tile to start the game
4. After starting the game press the running tile, follow the music and beat the song
5. If you press the wrong black tile, you will lose and restart the game
6. And you also have to remember, the more tiles you press, the faster the tiles
will run

1. An attractive background display
2. Background can be replaced
3. Latest songs from top artists
4. Favorite menu
5. Complete icon
6. Game mode (Online & Offline)

let's play this game with your favorite song !!!