Funny Teeth kids dentist care!
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Funny Teeth kids dentist care!

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About this game

FUNNY TEETH game is a new fun game for kids, it develops INTELLECTUAL abilities and savviness in a fun way. As well it cultivates the interest towards DENTAL CARE and healthy lifestyle.

Does your child not like to brush the teeth anymore? This game is for you! Funny Teeth-Characters are going to entertain your kid and in an interactive way explain the problems that might occur without proper dental care. Also, your child will play interesting games to develop logic, attention, memory and emotional intelligence. Cheerful illustrations and funny sounds are going to turn the learning process in an exciting game!

1. FOOD. Teeth get dressed up. Find a proper meal for each one!
2. BRUSH YOUR TEETH. Catch all the bacteria and help brush the teeth!
3. HEALTHY AND UNHEALTHY FOOD. Feed your teeth only with the food that is useful for their growth!
4. BEACH. The teeth lost their clothes – help them with the puzzle!
5. STAGE. Select the missing elements of clothes for the teeth!
6. COWBOY. Fight off all the bacteria!
7. ODDONEOUT. Choose the odd one out!
8. LOOK. Create a unique look for your tooth!
9. PIECES. Stone got into a tooth, help to repair it!
10. HOUSES. Choose the pairs of the houses with the same teeth!
11. CARIES. Funnily treat the tooth!
12. GUM. Help to treat gum inflammation!

Funny teeth game CHARACTERISTICS:
- 10 exciting games
- bright, beautiful and funny graphics
- funny voice-over
- suits boys and girls
- suitable for 2-5 years old kids
- tasks to develop different brain functions
- information explained in simple terms
- cultivating the dental care habit
- the game is constantly upgraded with new mini games
- no advertisement, parental control
- interactive learning
- funny characters

The game develops the following functions:
REASONING – select the correct object
MEMORY – memorize who is hiding in the houses
DENTAL CARE – the teeth are suffering without proper care!
EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE – teeth always show that they suffer and what they dislike
ATTENTION – shoot out the microbes
PART AND A WHOLE THING – look for a piece and collect a puzzle
IMAGINATION – dress up a tooth
HEALTHY FOOD – select healthy products
LOGIC – find the odd one out
COMPARISON – find the correct piece of the costume
TEETH TREATMENT – treat the teeth in a funny way!

Dental care is no longer a boring routine! Your child will see that each tooth is a tiny character with his or her own story, who needs help! Let’s have fun together and solve the problems together with FUNNY TEETH!

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