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Listen Full Quran MP3 Offline - Qibla Compass, Salah Timing & 99 Names of Allah

About this app

Easy Quran Mp3 Audio Offline comes with Salah Timings, 99 Names of Allah with Suhoor and Aftar time for all your Ramadan and Islamic needs. The app is a convenient solution for all your Muslim needs and brings you the best Kiblah finder App, the mellifluous Full Quran Majeed offline in mp3, Ramadan suhoor and iftaar timings, Hijri Ramadan Calendar and 99 Names of Allah. A brief description of Qibla, Ramadan, Salat and Easy Quran Mp3 Audio Offline App Islamic features is given below.

Quran Majeed – Full Quran With mp3 Audio Offline and multi Language Translations:

Al Quran is the primary offering of this Qibla direction & salat timings app. Full mp3 Quran majeed contains all the famous Quran mp3 recitations and translations. In addition to English and Urdu Quran translations, Quran transliterations are available as well. The mp3 Quran comes with various features such as, transliteration, English and Urdu translations as well as in different languages such as Bhasa Indonesia, Dhivehi Quran translation, Bangla Quran sharif translation as well as Hindi Quran translation. You can also listen to mp3 Quran audio offline recitation by various famous reciters of Quran such as Mishary Alfasay Quran recitation and Al-Sudais Quran audio recitation with Qari al-basit audio recitation of Quran.

Qibla Compass:

Kibla direction finder is the most accurate Qibla direction finder. Complete Quran Mp3 Audio Offline app's other prime functionality is the kaaba direction & locator feature which allows you to find Qibla direction anywhere without any worry and to the most accurate Mecca direction. The Qibla location and Kaabah finder feature in this full Quran Mp3 Audio Offline Assistant app detects your location and gives you the accurate direction of Qiblah for offering prayer. Furthermore, in the Qibla locator app there is the distance from Kiblah calculation plus different and beautiful Qiblah compass dails.

Prayer Timings and Salat Alarm:

Easy Quran Mp3 Audio Offline App Assistant with its Islam pro service offers you prayer and salat timings as well as prayer alarm. In addition to being a qibla compass, this Easy Quran Mp3 Audio Offline assistant app is also a prayer timings reminder and alarm. By your device location it knows the salah timings of your region and when it is the time of salah, it gives you alarm in the form of beautiful adhan along with the namaz detail. There are various melodious adzhan ringtones as well as Makkah and Madina Adhans which you can set to remind you of namaz and prayer timings or the days of hijri calendar.

Ramadan Suhoor and Iftaar Timings & Hijri Calendar:

Easy Quran Mp3 Audio Offline App Assistant brings global Ramadan suhoor and iftar timings for Muslims across the globe. The holy month of Ramadan is just round the corner and preparation for suhoor and iftaar is an integral part of the fast. Like the Qibla compass, the prayer and salah timings and the Ramzan suhoor and iftaar & Hijri Calendar feature also works by getting your GPS location. Once the location is obtained it gives you the Qibla direction, the prayer timings and the suhoor and iftaar timings & Hijri Calendar details for your location. If GPS is not enabled, the location can be manually entered as well.

99 Names of Allah Almighty:

Another soulful offering of this Islamic assistant is the melodious recitation of 99 names of Allah. The 99 names of Allah are a world renowned prayer and dua among Muslims and even just listening to them gives an edifying experience to a Muslim.

With Easy Quran mp3 offline application now, you have a complete Islamic and pro Muslim App with you. This Muslim Assistant gadget will help you find Qibla direction no matter wherever you are in the world, know Salah and prayer timings for locations all over the world, spend your Ramadan suhoor and iftaar by following the time and more importantly get a classical copy of Complete Quran Majeed for your phone and listen or read Quran whenever you desire.

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