Dude Simulator: My First Car
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Dude Simulator: My First Car

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Feel the life of a dude: cars, racing and jobs in the big open offline world map

About this game

A new open-world game where the action takes place in the countryside. Here you can do anything you want: do interesting story missions, take part in races, get a real job or just drive a car for fun. We have done everything possible for a real RP in the open world.

Here you can visit the village, and in the township and even in the city! All this on one big map!

This is not just an interesting game, but a realistic simulator of life. In this game about cars you can perform tasks in the day or night, go to work in the morning or rush along the road into the sunset, because we have added here a dynamic, realistic time change of day.

If you get hungry, you can always eat at the local cafes. Yes, they are not capital restaurants, but here you can have a cheap and tasty snack, and you can choose from a wide range of your favorite dishes.

Be careful on the roads, because the game has a realistic damage system. When you collide with other cars, your car will get damaged. And if you don't fix it in time and keep making a fuss on the roads, then... well, we've warned you.

To drive a car properly, you have to fill it up on time. And since this is a real car simulator, we've added a gas station to the game, and more than one! Choose which company's gasoline you want to go to the gas station.

We plan to increase the number of cars in the game with each update. Start with a classic car and open the entire car park.

Game Features:
- A unique first-person simulator of life in a city and village!
- Large open world! Do what you want!
- Realistic driving of a real car with a damage system.
- Interesting plot tasks and characters
- Day and night change
- Hunger and food
- Car refueling
- Traffic on the roads

Always wanted to feel like a real dude? Then Dude Simulator: My First Car is what you need.

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