Drive N Shoot!

Drive N Shoot!

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  • Lutfi Baykan

Reach to up floors and take the best car!

About this game

Welcome to the adrenaline-fueled universe of "Drive N Shoot" – a high-octane mobile game that combines the intensity of racing with the strategic thrill of shootouts! Your mission is clear: ascend the towering floors, unlock powerful cars, level up your gang through skillful shooting, and construct staircases using collected logs to reach new heights. Are you ready for a ride like no other?

In "Drive N Shoot," speed is your ally, and firepower is your best friend. Navigate through a maze of challenging floors, where each level presents a unique blend of obstacles, enemy soldiers, and strategic opportunities. Your car is not just a vehicle – it's a battleground on wheels, and your gang members are the key to its strength.

Engage in heart-pounding shootouts with soldiers strategically positioned on each floor. Precise shooting not only dispatches enemies but also levels up your gang, enhancing the might of your car. The more you shoot, the stronger your gang becomes, transforming your ride into an unstoppable force.

But it's not all about the trigger finger – resource management is equally critical. Break and collect logs scattered throughout the levels, utilizing them to construct staircases that propel you to new heights. Every log you collect is a stepping stone toward your goal, requiring strategic placement to overcome increasingly challenging obstacles.

"Drive N Shoot" is not just a race; it's a test of skill, strategy, and precision. As you climb higher, unlock new cars with increased capacity, providing more room for your growing gang. Each car represents a milestone in your ascent, a symbol of your dominance in this thrilling and dynamic world.

Get ready for a gaming experience that demands quick reflexes, sharp shooting, and clever construction. "Drive N Shoot" offers a perfect blend of action and strategy, ensuring that every race is a new adventure. Are you up for the challenge? The floors are waiting – start your journey now, and let the drive and shoot frenzy begin! Have FUN!