Dream Beat Boom

Dream Beat Boom

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Dream Beat Boom:parkour music game

About this game

Embark on your musical adventure and dive into an exhilarating rhythm rush challenge! In this unique music rhythm game, experience unprecedented dynamic tunes and thrilling parkour action.

Easy to play:
Follow the rhythm's beat as you jump, slide, and turn, completing thrilling maneuvers and pushing your limits!

⭐Follow along with the rhythm's cool effects for an immersive experience.
⭐Rich in the number of levels, each offering new challenges and fun.
⭐Various obstacle types challenge your reaction speed and skills.
⭐Easy-to-pick-up controls to quickly become a parkour master.
⭐Rich in personalized skins and weapon systems to craft a unique character.
⭐Different weapons trigger distinct rhythm sound effects, enriching your gameplay.
⭐Rich in song variety and quantity, including "Uptown Funk," "Shape of You," "Despacito," "Silhouette," "Unravel," "Gurenge," and more. Choose your favorite music to play the game with.

Are you ready to take on the challenge of the musical journey? Download now and start your rhythm rush adventure!

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