Cut The Pool - Perfect Slice

Cut The Pool - Perfect Slice

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Draw lines but have to keep fish together with Cut The Pool - Perfect Slice

About this game

Welcome to Cut The Pool - Perfect Slice, where creativity meets challenges in the aquatic puzzle experience! Dive into a world where your task is to slice through the pool, but with a twist – you must keep all fish swimming happily in their one section.

All you need to do is draw lines to separate the pool into multiple pieces. But here's the catch: every slice must ensure that all the fish remain in one section. With each level presenting new obstacles, Cut The Pool - Perfect Slice offers endless hours of brain-teasing fun. Can you master the art of segmentation while keeping the fish safe?


🐟 Unique gameplay mechanics: Draw lines to slice the pool and keep the fish together.
🐟 Engaging puzzles: Challenge your mind with increasingly difficult levels.
🐟 Intuitive controls: Easy to learn, but hard to master.

Dive into the challenge and become master in Cut The Pool - Perfect Slice. Download now and let the slicing begin

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