Cosmic fruit fortune

Cosmic fruit fortune

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Catch your luck in the slot machine. Mania of dexterity

About this game

Have you been playing a real gambling game for a long time? The game offers you an exciting scenario where you need a lot of luck to hit the jackpot. Control the comet and fly around the figures as deftly as players play on casino slots.

Each figure is extra points. Which will bring you closer to winning. But don't be disappointed if you don't win today. You have three attempts to win. Imagine that you are in a real space and only the right moves will lead you to success and a chance to get a lucky ticket.

You must be focused on every step of the game, like players in a casino playing poker or betting on roulette. Start the game "Cosmic fruit fortune" and immerse yourself fully in the process. You will be accompanied by danger that you will definitely overcome. Do not be upset if you lose, remember that it's just a game.

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