BlockiMon: Puzzle Monster

BlockiMon: Puzzle Monster

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Collect the power in the woody block puzzles and fight the monster's army!

About this game

Introducing the wackiest wood block puzzle that combines the sudoku grid you've ever seen!

Get ready to unleash your inner puzzle master and summon an army of hilariously absurd monsters in this chaotic clash of blocks and brawn.

✔ Conquer Block Puzzle Madness:

Master the art of block puzzle chaos by strategically placing blocks to clear the board and earn valuable rewards. Utilize your spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills to maximize your score and gain an advantage in the auto battles.

✔ Engage in Hilarious Auto Battles:

Sit back and enjoy the show as your monster squad engages in a riotous display of slapstick battles. Witness their goofy antics and nonsensical attacks as they defend your castle against a horde of equally absurd invaders.

✔ Key Features:

A block puzzle party with a side of auto-battle mayhem
Strategic monster upgrading for enhanced wackiness
Hilarious auto battles with jaw-droppingly silly visuals
Classic game mode to cater to all players
Endlessly replayable challenges for hours of unadulterated fun

Download now and prepare to unleash your power monsters and block-busting chaos!

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