Battle Prime: Multiplayer FPS
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Battle Prime: Multiplayer FPS

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Pvp combat, sniper shooting in fps tactical shooter! 3rd person modern army game

About this game

Battle Prime is a third-person multiplayer shooter with console-level graphics on your mobile device. This tactical battle simulator is focused on superpowerful war heroes with unique abilities, formidable arsenal, and high-adrenaline modern shooting action.
The next-generation tactical shooter - war simulation has already started — it’s time to join the fight! Strike first, kill your enemies, survive, grab rewards, and show everyone who’s the coolest Prime among the ranks of battleground legends! You've got a war face?


Dive into the royale battle, picking one of the Prime Agents — ultimate fighters with unique abilities and playstyles. Choose fps shooter mode or third-person game. Equip a large-caliber gun and unleash a massive fire force, dealing devastating damage, or counter attack with a flash speed, killing opponents with a blink of an eye: choose the hero you like the most, enter the battleground, attack, shoot and enjoy your triumph in memorable, spectacular pvp games!
Be careful! Sniper can shoot from longer distances. Battles are won by many people working together, not just one.


The fast-paced team-based online battles in multiplayer shooter, are waiting for you!

The first thing you will see is the war zone, your opponents are military masters!
Team up with your friends in squads and stand shoulder to shoulder against common combat enemies, combining Prime Agents in strategic ways to become an unstoppable shooting force! Following the call of your combat force, you can be a sniper or an army commander and with a cover fire from the combat master, make a counter-attack!
And freedom to shift between Prime agents at respawns allows you to change tactics on the fly, counter attack, and win! Feel on the battlefield like a lion in the Savannah, like a cod in the ocean, be a predator in a tactical shooter!


Every victory in this fps shooter gets you closer not only to the title of the coolest Prime Agent but also to new rewards… lots of new rewards! Be a shooting master in battles and complete Battle Pass missions during seasons to win some exclusive rewards, featuring new Prime Agents and new shooting weapons! You can be a cod in royale battles, or you can be a shark on battlefield, the choice is yours!


The awe-inspiring power of the self-developed mobile engine provides photo-realistic graphics, detailed war heroes, weapons, and battlefield maps on top devices. It delivers the highest standard of immersion in the striking PVP modern army world of Battle Prime!
Now let me see your war face! Go to the call of your inner battle commander and become one of the legends of the war zone!

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