Animal Attack: Animal Games
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Animal Attack: Animal Games

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Animal shooting games: Hunting simulator bear, sniper gun hunter offline game!

About this game

Janwar Wala Game Hunter Animal

Animal shooting games: Hunting simulator bear, sniper gun hunter offline game!

is exclusively designed for hunter games lovers where user would get the chance to become a professional
Wild Hunter.

Offers the hunt of multiple wild animals and different types of deer species. Enjoy the Hunting experience in an Open World Jungle with Wildlife roaming around the jungle. Perform the Shooting task and complete the level in given time.
Deer Simulator

Each hunting level brings in a new challenge, try to complete the task and enable modern weaponry. Take your hunting kit along and become the ultimate champion of Deer Simulator Games. There are multiple Shooting modes in this Shooting Game and each mode has different set of levels. Keep exploring new and exciting Deer Hunting Games challenges, the more you play the more you would enhance in the ranks of Hunters around the world.

Realistic First Person Shooting (FPS) Controls.
True to life Natural Jungle Environments.
Easy to play smooth controls.
Amazing UI and Graphics.
Different Animals to Hunt like Wolfs Hunt and Tiger Hunt.
Classic Jungle sound effects and SFX.

Jungle Deer Hunter

Set new Shooter records with quick action shooting; enjoy the free world hunting in this modern Sniper Game. This is an FPS Shooting Game so it can’t any real than that. Different level would offer different animals hunt like Bear Hunt, be careful because bear is not an easy target and this wild animal is very aggressive. Be the King of the Jungle with Lion Hunt as this game has multiple shooter challenges of Lion Hunt. This game offers hunt of dangerous animals like Wolfs and Tigers so you would certainly enjoy Wolfs Hunt and Tiger Hunt in Animal Hunting Game.
Deer Hunter

Every stage would offer new set of Wild Jungle Animals so you will never get bored as the game has other animals hunt as well like Zebra Hunt and Bulls Hunt. Use your Sniper Rifle and Aim at the target from an adequate distance. You have to be very precise while FPS Shooting Games in Deer Simulator so use your Hunting Instincts and Hunt like a professional Deer Hunter.

Hunting Campaigns with multiple modes of Zebra Hunt and Bulls Hunt.
Sniper Shooting Adventure for Bear Hunt and Lion Hunt.
Become a survivor with hunting of Ibex and Stags.
Use Hunting Instincts and be very precise in hunt.
Save innocent animals like Deer from wild animals like Lion and Bear.
Never lose in Jungle Hunt and keep on tracking the pray.

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