Узналюб - ЕГЭ математика
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Узналюб - ЕГЭ математика

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About this app

Find out - the application helps you prepare for the Unified State Exam in mathematics, with the help of tests and video analysis of exercises, and increases your chances of successfully passing the Unified State Exam.

The student takes tests that are close to the real Unified State Exam 2024 tests. Based on the results of the tests passed, Artificial Intelligence identifies gaps in preparation and selects video analyzes of topics and exercises to improve understanding of the logic of solving these exercises.

With each test cycle, the student understands better and better how to solve such problems and increases the final score.

The author's preparation system was developed by the best specialists and shows high results in preparing schoolchildren for the Unified State Exam in mathematics.

The method of presenting and checking the logic of a solution consists of several actions, which allows you to understand the logic and steps of the correct solution. The video analyzes show in detail and in accessible language the logic behind solving each exercise.

If you have any difficulty in answering at any stage of solving a problem, you can turn to the video analysis. You can study using our system at any time and anywhere with just a smartphone or computer.

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