UnderDark : Defense

UnderDark : Defense

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Tower Defense: Guarding the Flame from the Darkness!

About this game

🛡️ - Defend the Flame from the dark! Level up, strategically place towers, and choose buffs to grow stronger. Keep the light alive!

🔥 Defend the Eternal Flame: Experience the thrill of defending the flame from hordes of dark forces that besiege it! Feel the exhilaration as you clear stages, with each victory more satisfying than the last.

👋 One-Handed Gameplay: Enjoy easy-to-master controls, designed for one-handed play. Perfect for strategic fun anytime, anywhere.

🛠️ Customize Your Defense Strategy: Select buffs and strategically place towers to forge your path of resistance. As you level up and choose your growth buffs, your defense becomes an impenetrable fortress.

⚔️ Heroic Stand: Choose your guardians to stand against the night. Each hero brings unique abilities to the battlefield. Earn trophies, level up, and enhance your heroes to ensure the flame flickers on through the darkest nights!

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