Trivia Tower - Trivia Game
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Trivia Tower - Trivia Game

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Build your Trivia Tower! Answer questions correctly to build the highest tower!

About this game

Welcome to Trivia Tower!
Challenge your knowledge and outsmart your friends in this thrilling PvP trivia game. The goal is simple: answer questions correctly to build floors for your tower. The player with the tallest tower wins!

- Thousands of Questions: Explore a vast collection of questions in hundreds of categories, including Disney, NBA, history, geography, movies, music, math, and many more.
- Exciting PvP Battles: Face off against players worldwide in real-time trivia duels.
- Daily Challenges: Test your skills daily with new and exciting challenges.
- Leagues: Climb the ranks in different categories and compete against the best players.
- Achievements: Earn unique achievements as you progress and showcase your trivia skills.
- Duels Journey Event: Participate in special events and showcase your trivia prowess.

Whether you're a trivia newbie or a seasoned pro, Trivia Tower offers endless fun and challenges for everyone. Download now and start building your Trivia Tower today!