Tota Life: Parent-kid Suite
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Tota Life: Parent-kid Suite

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Create your characters and have a good parent kid life!

About this game

Welcome to Tota Life: Parent-kid Suite. Do you commute between school and home all day and have no time for a vacation? Here, you can decide how to spend your vacation, even for a short weekend! You can get the most leisurely time, don't forget to invite your family and friends, come to the island parent-child suite!

Pink Girly Parent-kid Suite
When you seeing the pink girly parent-child room, there is a "WOW" of exclaim, how can it be so beautiful! Want a big kitchen in a room where you can play? Of course, no problem, greatly satisfied your girlish heart and cook dream! Even the microwave oven is pink, please invite your best friends to sit down and have a tea, or make a snack and enjoy your afternoon time! There's a huge slide in the room that you can slide down if you're brave enough. Look at the lazy pony, sit on and shake it, isn't that your favorite? That is a big paradise in your home!

Mechanical-game Parent-kid Suite
Boys are satisfied with the mechanical-game room? You have the dream of an astronomer, with telescopes ready for you, and you can fly in the sky and space at any time. Doll-catching is a contest between boys. You can also be cool on the dance floor and read a book in a rocking chair. Sleepy and fall asleep, this is a very enjoyable island resort!

Navy Style Parent-kid Suite
Put on a sea shirt, wear a navy military cap, take your helmsman and compass, follow your dream, SAIL!
That will be cool if you jump on your beloved navy bed and slide, sing sea songs, swing. Maybe it's a good time when you enjoy the sea breeze and eat desserts. Call your best friends and make a delicious meal. You are a great cooker!

Dress Up Hall
You can create your own characters and let them be friends or family. Make your favorite eyes, noses, mouths, hairstyles and so on. Then a new friend will be borned!

Game Features
- Dress Up Hall, hundreds of characters to be dressup and makeup.
- Pink Girly Parent-kid Suite, a big suite, do a cooking contest. Invite your friends or the whole family for an outing, and use the slide and skateboard in your room.
- Mechanical-game Parent-kid Suite, boys play games and explore the universe.
- Navy Style Parent-kid Suite, sitting on a swing to see the sea and getting a special flavor.
- Drag and drop items freely, you can send things to other friends across regions and rooms.
- In the game scene, you can change the expression for the children at any time and create a different story.
- In the upper right corner is a screen recording function, which records your voice and character actions as you tell the story. And could save to your album, for the future story to share!

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