Subway Hero Run
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Subway Hero Run

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Be the Hero to protect the Earth,Chase down the aliens that destroy our city.

About this game

The city is under siege by extraterrestrial forces, and it needs your heroic prowess now more than ever! Unleash your inner hero and navigate through the chaos with skill, agility, and courage. It's not just about saving the city — it's about reaping the rewards that come with bravery!
Aliens in UFOs are attacking our city! Heroes from all around the world need help! Use your maneuvering skills to slide, dodge, and dash through the subway and its streets, collecting coins! Join us in repelling the aliens and saving the citizens!

※Game Features:
■Embark on a Roguelike parkour adventure in unique cities across Asia, Europe, America, and other Places!
■Compete with parkour experts from around the globe!
■Join the run, traversing subways, highways, palaces, and jungles to become the ultimate parkour star!
■Choose from a roster of exclusive city heroes, including the swift Black Panther and the expert surfboard rider! Join the parkour chase! Fight to protect the city!

Multiple Game Modes:
■Classic Mode: Here, you'll experience the classic feel of the game, with endless adventures and challenges awaiting you.
■Battle Mode: Compete against other players in real-time, vying for the title of battle champion using strategy and speed.
■Rush Mode: It's all about high-speed challenges and the exhilarating thrill that many skilled players prefer.
■Ability Mode: Possess unique abilities, devise personalized strategies, and take on various in-game challenges in this mode.
■Item Race: Use banana peels, squid, missiles and other props to interfere with each other and see who can reach the finish line fastest from this chaos!

※Various System Benefits:
■Complete random missions during parkour races to win various rewards!
Create your exclusive parkour route and journey by acquiring random and unique skill combinations!
■Utilize unique flying, surfing, and vehicle skills!
■Experience the vividly colored urban parkour themes!
■Play with friends, achieve milestones, and compete in global rankings!
Leap into action, and let the Hero Pass be your gateway to glory, discounts, and a treasure trove of rewards that will make your parkour adventure an unforgettable one!
■You can log in daily to receive free resources, and practical items are provided, allowing you to challenge exclusive tracks around the world. You can also earn super-rich rewards through activities like accumulating views!

Continuously adding famous scenes and streets from around the world, with tracks composed of random obstacles, allows you to experience the fun of street parkour in extreme games.
Hurry and invite your friends to challenge and try together! This captivating and thrilling Roguelike parkour game, featuring the swift Black Panther, surfboard riders, and an action-packed gold run, will never disappoint you!

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