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Retro arcade space shooter game.

About this game

Spacewolf is a retro arcade space shooter game with scrolling style in landscape mode.

Aliens have invaded Milky Way and it's your job to defend it. Fight your way through space and see if you can find out where are they coming from...

- Fight in story mode with 10 levels, beautiful backgrounds and challenging boss fights
- Master 4 challenges - modified levels with specific rules
- Test your patience and endurance in the survival mode and see how far can you go in Milky Way
- Unlock new difficulty modes from Normal to Insane
- Build 5 different kind of spaceships and a space station with multiple upgrades
- Research new technologies and install them onto your spaceships, up to 15 techs are awaiting you
- Try to find and collect alien artifacts to complete your collection
- Complete 20 achievements with various objectives
- Put yourself on the Leaderboard and try to compete for the top position
- Enjoy incredible electronic original soundtrack
- Choose among two spaceship controls: device tilt or touch screen

Prepare your spaceship commander! Shoot 'em up and you will find yourself unable to stop. (Just… one… more… upgrade to the spaceship and you’ll be able to beat that level.)

Min. requirement: Android Kitkat 4.4, API level 19

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Music soundtrack of the game is available on album "Mix Tone" from Lightphaser. More info on official website:

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