Soccer Mini Stars - Football

Soccer Mini Stars - Football

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Soccer games to score in a league of mini football games & be soccer champions!

About this game

Soccer Mini Stars invites you to dive into the thrill of the pitch. Play, score a super goal, and experience casual soccer games like never before!

Welcome to mini football games. Gear up your dream team with top-notch kits, kick the ball and score with the precision of a true soccer star, using your head for strategic shots to dominate all soccer games of the league in the style of Copa America 2024. It's time to turn your football dream into reality in career mode, leading your mini players to become the ultimate champions of the season!

From flawlessly executing a super goal kick to mastering strategic head shots, finesse your ball control and unleash the power with every match. Navigate mini football games with the poise of a seasoned referee, defend your goal like a skilled goalkeeper, and position yourself as a forward, midfielder, or defender to succeed in the biggest soccer tournaments similar to Copa America 2024. Head into the top of the soccer star league within the realm of casual yet intense football games.

With easy controls introduced in the Basics, you can get acquainted and enjoy the casual game. Prepare your team to be champions of mini football games with every kick, skillful head play and super goal.


- Enjoy casual gameplay with special graphics and effects.
- Score a super goal in a quick match and level up your football league.
- Build, upgrade and customize your dream team as a real manager.
- Achieve specific objectives in every season of soccer games.
- Complete a set of various quests every day.
- Discover the Shop with special offers.
- Monitor your ultimate team's progress and achievements.
- Conquer the tournaments with 32 national teams in mini football games.
- Welcome to the greatest events - Copa Del Sur, Qatar and Europa.
- Win a Champions Cup and become a soccer star.

Step onto the mini football pitch, train hard, feel the power of the ball at your feet, savor the precision of your passes, kicks and head shots, and score a super goal. Whether playing intense league matches or enjoying casual soccer games, you will feel like you are like at Copa America 2024, becoming the next soccer star.

Experience the electrifying rhythm of soccer games, where the resonance of kicks meeting the ball on the pitch creates an unparalleled adrenaline rush. Taking part in big tournaments or casual play, make your ultimate team champions. Compete in head-to-head matches against some of the best soccer players of the league season.

Participate in the grandest soccer games and tournaments inspired by Copa America, where professional players compete to be a soccer star. The pitch awaits you to embrace the ultimate challenge, showcasing your head plays, ball control, and skillful moves in mini football league. Aim for the coveted trophy and ascend as a soccer star yourself.

Take charge as a manager, editing your ultimate team for casual matches and big seasons of soccer games, and tracking their league progress and statistics. Hit the pitch, getting ready for a season of your dream football games with the ball at your feet. Score a super goal and become champions.

Challenge your skills daily with a unique set of five tasks, putting your ball control, kick accuracy and other abilities in mini football games to the test. Engage in special events similar to Copa America 2024, where elite teams score impressive goals and compete fiercely to secure the soccer cup. Elevate your soccer games to new heights and dominate the league.

Don't miss the chance to step into the shoes of a football manager, leading your dream team to become champions in prestigious league tournaments like Copa America 2024. Show off your talents on the pitch, score a super goal, and become a soccer star in the competitive world of football games.

The soccer world awaits your triumph!