Silent Mist

Silent Mist

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Glimmer of hope shines bright.

About this game

Amidst the ruins of this forsaken land, where monsters rage unchecked and darkness reigns supreme, you, a valiant survivor, are tasked with the solemn duty of reinstating order and constructing a fortress impregnable upon the desolate ground.

[🤼Fight with Companions]
-Amidst this battle, you shall find yourself not solitary, as numerous neighbors who align with your vision will emerge. Whenever the monsters threaten, regardless of the direction of attack, you will band together in solidarity, fostering a mutual assistance where we aid each other, collaborating with kindred neighbors to erect an invincible sanctuary.

[🚪Decide your Habitat]
-Prior to the arrival of the monsters, it is imperative that you conduct a thorough reconnaissance and pick out a land that is both fertile and strategically beneficial. The selection of the optimal location for your abode will enable you to erect formidable defensive structures, encompassing towering walls or intricate traps.

[😈Monsters are looming you]
-As the veil of night descends, the monsters surge forth like a relentless tidal wave, encircling your fortress from every angle. Their roars and howls echo through the night, a menacing symphony of destruction aimed at consuming this desolate terrain. Now, it is your time to shine, to demonstrate your exceptional tactical prowess and unwavering command in the face of this onslaught.

[🚩Upgrade your Level]
-Upon defeating each monster, you shall be amply rewarded with experience points galore! As your magical prowess intensifies, you will gradually unlock an array of dazzling magical abilities, spanning from fiery infernos to frigid icicles, from thunderous bolts to shadowy escapes. Each of these magical spells will transform into a formidable ally, bolstering your efforts in the battle against the monsters.

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